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with Jo Donaghy and team

This is a 10 week course aimed at 11-14s.  Let’s face it - life can be a bit of a battle (have you ever tried getting out of bed on a Monday morning?) especially livin’ the Christian life! There’s an enemy who wants to see us give up, blow up or just become boring whoosy little Christians. But don’t be freaked out cos God’s set you up to win! Did you know that He’s given you all you need to be the devils worst nightmare / headache/ pain in the bum etc. Its all at your fingertips! God can’t wait for you to get hold of some of His most dangerous and       powerful weapons….
Want to know how, then Tuesday evenings are the place for you! Pop along have a bit of a munch and learn how to literally scare the hell out of the world around you!   

session #1 The most powerful substance in the universe
session #2
Positioned to kick enemy butt
session #3 The live-in Commander
session #4 Your very own hand grenade
session #5  Fluffy musical cheese? Think again!
session #6 A gun in your gob
session #7 Gobbledygook?!
session #8 Lethal love
session #9 The seed-sized bomb
session #10 Eat lots and have a laugh!





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