called for purpose
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with Gary Atkins and Simon Scott


God really has changed our lives! Not just by wiping the slate clean and giving us a brand new start - but by calling us personally to a great future. Each one of us have a mix of talents and gifts tailor-made by God and a unique part to play in His purpose for the world.


Called for purpose will help us to discover, develop and deploy those talents and gifts right where we work, rest and play. Join us to discover the adventure of getting in on what God is up to!


session #1
We're all disciples
session #2
We all have gifts and talents
session #3
Discovering my gifts and talents
session #4 Developing my gifts and talents
session #5 Putting my gifts and talents to work
session #6 Called to mission
session #7
Called to compassion
session #8 Justice and mercy
session #9 Church on purpose
session #10
Counting the cost





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