mashing monsters
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with Jo Donaghy and team

This is a 10 week course aimed at 11-14s.  Ever stuggled with those everyday monsters...? wrecking your relationships, munching on your mind and gobbling at your God..then this ones for you! We're gonna show you how to gang up on your gremlins, overcome your orcs and terrorise your T.Rex. Wondering what the Shrek im on about? then come along anyway, we'll eat, drink, be merry and mash those monsters to a pulp!

session #1 Invadin' insecurities
session #2 Thumpin' out fear
session #3 What every monster hates (Part 1)
session #4 Ogrecoming in relationships
session #5 My parents are aliens!
session #6 Talking with the B.F.G
session #7 What every monster hates (Part 2)
session #8 Having a big 'un in your cupboard
session #9 Lifes leeches a.k.a when life sucks
session #10 Celebrating the mutilation and massacre of our monsters!





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