with Gary and Hilary Atkins, Dan and Nori Chesney plus guests from Today’s Community Church in Wigan


Over its ten sessions, our leadership training course brings together CREW leaders, CORE team and elders in the run-up to double in a day. At its heart is to build and strengthen relationships between leaders as we meet and study together each week. It will start with sessions looking at what it means to be a leader and how to lead others through a faith project like double in a day. Church is all about people, and we’ll look at how we can help real people connect with a real God, find their full place within the Body and develop in their ministry and call. Throughout the course we’ll be looking at the practicalities of the lead-up and follow-up to double in a day as well as the exciting day itself. The course is open to all in leadership – if you’re reading this and aren’t a leader…please pray for us as we invest this time in one another and the Lord.

session #1 You the leader: how did I get here?
session #2 You the leader: living the culture
session #3 You the leader: leading people through a faith project
session #4 Double in a day: the lead-up
session #5 Leading people: sharing faith
session #6 Leading people: caring together
session #7 Leading people: building a team
session #8 Double in a day: the day itself
session #9 Making it happen: getting the job done
session #10 Double in a day: follow-up





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