with Pastor Hilary Atkins and team
Hilary Atkins
  • new to Storehouse Church?
  • just want a refresher on who we are and where we’re going?
C2C is all about what makes Storehouse Church tick; how we do Church together and how we can all find and play our unique part in the adventure that God has set before us. You’ll get to meet and chat with loads of people along the way.  Hope to see you there, sign up below.
session #1: real connections: connecting me and my world to God and His
session #2: how to connect: top tips and how to share my story in 3 mins flat!
session #3: real life: living the life and loving the journey
session #4: how to BUZZ: top tips and how to unlock your 24/7 lifestyle!
session #5: a lifestyle of generosity: living God's way
session #6: real team: working together to make the difference
session #7: real character: unlocking your full potential
session #8: the volunteer spirit: how we can build the House together
session #9 loving Sunday: everything starts on a Sunday
session #10 real influence: Church back at the heart of community


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